Choosing Your Wedding Color Palette

Choosing your color palette is one of the first decisions you’ll make when planning your wedding! It can seem like a daunting task, but using these 3 tips will make your decision much easier! 

  • What season will your wedding be in?
  • If you’re getting married in the Fall, consider using a dark-toned color palette. Rust red, burnt orange, dusty rose, and sage green are the most popular Fall wedding colors. Tying the knot in the Spring? Incorporate brighter colors that match the seasons change, such as pops of greens, blues and pinks! Considering the season when choosing your colors will make your event more cohesive and will be more visually appealing to your guests. 

  • What is your wedding theme?
  • Picking your color palette goes hand in hand with your wedding theme. If you decide to do a black-tie affair for your wedding, adding in pops of color may not set the mood that you’re going for. Take the theme of your wedding and choose a color palette that will complement that. If you’re planning an upscale, dressy wedding use dark toned accents, such a rose-red to keep the vibe moody. For a barn wedding, consider rustic colors to pair well with the scenery.

  • Indoors or Outside? 
  • Wedding colors can even tie into your venue! When getting married outdoors, consider muted colors to make you and your guests remain the center of attention, as well as the scenery surrounding your ceremony and reception. For an indoor wedding, adding  pops of color will draw guests attention to your decor rather than to access scenery you may not want their attention on. 

    No matter your wedding color palette, focus on what makes you and your fiancé the happiest and which colors best match your personalities! When in doubt, always choose colors that will age well.

    xoxo, Rae 

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