Bridal Sizing Guide

In a world where tag sizes are already hard to deal with...enter Bridal.
We'll just come right out and say it- bridal sizing doesn't make any sense.

Some brands are spot on with pant size (Watters, Wtoo and Willowby), others run 2-4 sizes small (Maggie Sottero and Justin Alexander.)

Below you will find some shopping tips when it comes to finding a dress with a great fit.

In general, we say anywhere from 2-4 sizes past your pant size is a good place to start with bridal sizing.

Sizing Tips and Tricks

-Typically, a gown can be altered about 2-4 sizes down without losing the integrity of the dress (size 14 to a size 10.)

-If the gown is unaltered, it will usually have about an inch of wiggle room on each side seam to be let out.

-Bridal sizing is all about measurements and not the size stamped on the tag. Each designer comes up with their own size chart - much like how brands of jeans fit differently. Don't be surprised if you fit perfectly in a 14 from one designer and a 20 in another designer.

-We cannot reiterate this enough- tag size doesn't define you. You are no less beautiful in a size 2 or a 22!

How to Figure out Your Bridal Size 

To find your Bridal size, we suggest purchasing our Wedding Dress Fit Kit on The Fit Kit will provide you with all the tools you need and a step by step video of how to measure your bust, waist, and hip. Once you determine your measurements, be sure to look at the dress size chart and determine what size will work best for you. We always suggest to order a gown to your largest measurement. For example, if your bust and waist are a size 12 but your hip measurement falls into size 14 - we would suggest ordering the size 14. It is much easier and cheaper to alter a dress smaller than getting it let out. 

Feel free to message us with any measuring questions and snag our Fit Kit for just $5! 



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