The Second Look

The second look. If you’re a bride you’ve heard of it and have an opinion on it! Whether you’re all in with sticking to ONE look for your wedding day, or cannot wait to change out of your dress to break down on the dance floor, second looks are blazing the trail for wedding fashion trends in 2023. 

Why have a second look? Brides are not only wanting to turn heads when walking down the aisle, but also keep the crowd’s attention with a second wedding dress option. Whether it’s another wedding dress or a little white dress, brides are using their wedding day as an opportunity to have many outfit changes and photo opportunities. 

If you said yes to a ballgown, moving around to talk with your guests may not be as manageable and if your dress is form fitting, sitting down for a meal and dropping it low on the dance floor may be out of question. Second looks provide brides the opportunity to seek a bit of comfort for their reception, while showcasing another aspect of their personality. 

The getaway dress is becoming increasingly popular as well. Having your bridesmaids help you out of your wedding dress and change you into something easier to slip off has proven to be appreciated by grooms worldwide. ;) Getaway dresses make the cutest photos and give you one last opportunity to woo your guests before you’re whisked away. 

Whether you stick to one dress or go for two or three, just remember - it’s your wedding day! Do what makes YOU the happiest.



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