5 Unique Guest Book Ideas

The infamous guest book! Guest books are a great way to look back on your wedding and cherish those that celebrated your big day! Taking the old tradition and making it new and YOU can add a fun and engaging element for your wedding guests. Here are some of my favorite new and improved guest book ideas…

  • The Photo Book:
  • Purchase a polaroid camera to have your guests snap selfies or group photos! Have them write their names on the polaroids and tape them into a sketch book. You’ll have a book filled with pictures of those you love the most and can use it as a coffee table decor. Scrapbooking made easy! 

  • The Phone Book:
  • Make a phone call with the telephone guest book! Allow guests to leave a voicemail on a trendy-looking, old phone and get all of the voicemails to listen back on! A company we love is “After the Tone!” They have several styles and colors of phones and they ship everything right to your door! Convenient and such a fun activity for your guests to partake in. 

  •  Jenga Blocks:
  • Bring a classic game into the mix! Purchase a set of plain Jenga blocks and have each guest sign a block. This adds a game to your closet but also holds a special meaning when you and your partner play!

  • The Video:
  • Set up a camera and allow your guests to record a fun video of them giving newlywed advice, or sharing their favorite memory of the couple! What a cool way to make a wedding video that you can look back on for years to come! 

  • The Journaling Bible:
  • This one is my personal favorite! Have a Journaling Bible displayed and allow guests to highlight their favorite verse and write their name beside it. This is such a fun way to incorporate religion into your wedding and allows you to have a Bible filled with verses of encouragement from your loved ones! At Dearly Loved Bridal, we have a beautiful assortment of journaling Bibles that would be perfect for your big day.

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