Who to Bring to Your Bridal Appointment

Dress shopping can be absolutely magical, but also very stressful for some. We've found that most of the time, the right crowd can really make or break your appointment!

When thinking of the friends and family you will be bringing along to your keep the following in mind:

1. Not everyone has to come

There, we said it. It's easy to get wrapped up into this idea that every person involved in your wedding, has to be part of every "wedding moment". 

When narrowing down your guest list, be sure to invite the people you feel most comfortable with, and those that you trust whole-heartedly.

Keep in mind, most bridal shops- including ours, have a limit to the amount of guests you can bring anyway!


2. Bring people who understand your vision

Showing your group inspiration, not just of your dress but of your overall wedding, will be extremely helpful in keeping them on the "right track". 

Helping your friends and family understand that you do not want something flashy and tight before you come in, will most likely deter them from pulling those types of gowns at your appointment.

3. Bring opinions you trust + value

If it’s not someone you’d trust to tell you that your every day outfit looks good, then likely your bridal appointment won’t be the place for their guiding opinion either. 

When too many conflicting opinions get involved the bridal appointment can quickly go from fun to confusing. 

At the end of the day, the dress you pick should be the dress YOU loved the most, and bringing people that support that should be top of mind.

4. Bring the people that will help you to make the decision- not question it

Having the people with you that you need to help with not only the dress decision, but purchasing decision is important.

When you find your gown, you will want people to support your choice and not encourage you to “keep looking” or second guess your purchase.

Letting your intention to purchase a gown be known ahead of time, and bringing people who will help you make that decision will help make it easier when you find the one!

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