Trend Alert: Our Top 5 Wedding Trend Predictions for 2023

Beach weddings, mountain elopements, classic church ceremonies and backyard barbeques, the wedding trends of 2023 are upon us! Here are the top 5 wedding trends I’m predicting for the New Year: 

Midday Celebrations

The evening wedding that turns into an all-night affair is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Starting your nuptials earlier in the day and having a timely reception following, ensures that guests stay entertained and satisfied. No one enjoys an evening ceremony followed by hours of waiting to eat and celebrate.

Dramatic Aisles

From long, drawn out aisles to full-floral arrangements, decorating the aisle will be iconic in 2023. We will see less rolling out the runner, and more detailed design. Brides will look less for simplicity and more towards statement pieces their guests are sure to remember.


Wedding colors have been IN for a while and are still trending! Planning the theme of your wedding based around color, detail, texture, and patterns are quickly becoming a necessity. Adding bold pops of color to your wedding is appealing to the eye and ensures there’s always a photo-op for your guests. 

Intimate Ceremonies

Keeping the ceremony intimate and saving extra guests solely for the reception is becoming preferable amongst newlyweds. The intimacy of your wedding ceremony is special and heartfelt and oftentimes pent-up nerves and anxiety will take away from the enjoyment of the day.

Candid, Natural-Looking Photos

Rather than posed and perfect looking shots, couples are wanting their wedding photos to be a representation of who they are as a couple. Overly edited shots are a thing of the past, while bright, natural lighting is preferred. Photographers are focusing less on perfection and more on capturing the day as it was. 

If you’re getting married in 2023 consider adding these trends to your celebration, but remember to keep it YOU! 

xoxo, Raegan Ross

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