How to Stick to Your Wedding Budget

I’m going to let you in on this little secret…you can still have the wedding of your dreams without spending a fortune! It’s true. Deciding on your wedding budget and sticking to it is not only important, but also rewarding! For some, they are able to go above and beyond with the wedding details, but for most, a budget isn’t flexible. Don’t give up your wedding hopes and dreams just because your budget is limited. Vendor shopping and getting creative with details essential is when minding your budget. 

When it comes to making cuts and deciding where you want the majority of your money to go, pay attention to the details that will make you and your fiancé the happiest! If you’ve been dreaming about your dress and flowers since you were a child, splurge in that area and cut back in other areas. 

Rather than doing a plated dinner served by staff, opt for a delicious buffet and throw-away silverware. Florals can be very costly! I love a good bouquet and flower arrangement as much as the next girl, but consider using a vendor like Something Borrowed Blooms where you can rent florals and not have to worry about the cost of fresh flowers. Although party favors can be fun, focus on the experience guests are having while they’re at your wedding rather than something for them to take home.

When choosing a venue, opt for one that is timeless and beautiful. You shouldn’t have to pay hundreds to thousands of dollars to decorate the space you are paying for to use! A lot of venues will decorate for you or have items you can use for decor. 

When purchasing your dress, of course consider Dearly Loved Bridal ;) We are size inclusive, budget friendly, and love to spoil our Brides! You shouldn’t have to spend thousands of dollars on your wedding gown. Love the way you look and feel, and get that dress of your dreams, girl! But don’t break the bank!

xoxo, Raegan

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